Chase Willkom

User Experience, Interaction, & Product Designer

I am a product designer currently working for Jamf. I design products that create meaningful experiences between people and the brands they love. To do that, I strive to understand the people, activities, and contexts I'm designing for. I am also a certified usability analyst. I conduct user research and testing to ensure an experience for the user that is not only intuitive, but both effective and pleasurable. I am passionate about elegant design and the technological innovations that make those desirable experiences possible.

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Latest Work

Arctic Cat

User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Content Strategy

Snowmobile and ATV enthusiasts are driven by the experience of the product. We redesigned the site to bring forward the same emotional connection, by pairing dreamscape photos with a spec-heavy story, the site immerses the reader in Arctic Cat ownership. After conducting research to identify user needs and business objectives, I created wireframes, user flows, and collaborated with the designer and developer to guide the vision to all the way to launch day. Arctic Cat communicates with it's customers in many ways using different mediums and creating this site effectively required that we understand the entire customer journey and apply deep ecosystem thinking.

Client: Arctic Cat

Agency: Periscope

Brien Spanier (CD), Eric Drommerhausen (Design), Chase Willkom (UX), John Berands / Sam Landman (Copy)

UV Vodka

User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Content Strategy

We helped Phillips Distilling reshape their growing UV Vodka brand by encouraging consumers to be their authentic, fun self. The digital solution needed to be fun, transcend the product category, and be experienced wherever and whenever the audience wanted it to. Based on data-driven insights, we learned that nearly half of site vistors were on a mobile device. Using a mobile-first approach, we focused on the things that really mattered to the user. I created wireframes, information architecture documents, and a content strategy that effectively documented and communicated our vision. We also created two other products that created deep social engagement, more on those soon.

Client: Phillips Distilling

Agency: Periscope

Scott Dahl (CD), Garrick Willhite (Design), Chase Willkom (UX), Chris Bluma (Copy)


User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Content Strategy

Periscope was going through a rebranding of their own. They wanted to be less Minnesota humble and instead live up to the global company they are. At the center of this was a new mission: do things people love. We redesigned the site to be more professional, simple, elegant, and cutting edge. The team conducted research to identify the business objectives and gather insight about our audiences. Based on data-driven insights, we learned what users are interested in and we balanced that with communicating our new mission. I created wireframes, IA documents, a content strategy, and collaborated tightly with the designer and developer to create something amazing.

Client: Periscope

Agency: Periscope

Rob Peichel (CD), Garrick Willhite (Design), Chase Willkom (UX), Rob Peichel (Copy)

Red Robin

User Research & Testing, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Content Strategy

Red Robin had been an edgy brand with an irreverent vibe but over the years, they lost their swagger. They came to us to help them get it back, we renewed the focus on the gourmet burgers people love. We refreshed the brand and updated their site. Along with bringing the site's design up to date, Red Robin asked us to make sure their site was easy as possible to use for their customers. I conducted user tests with the old site to identify problem areas. Customers seeked big pictures of the food, menu pricing, and a painless way to find their closest Red Robin location. We used that insight to fuel our design approach in making Red Robin's site truely enjoyable to use.

Client: Red Robin

Agency: Periscope

Scott Dahl (CD), Anders Holine (Design), Chase Willkom (UX), Sam Landman (Copy)

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